project details

Title: Work Work Sleep
Client: Personal
Date: December 2nd, 2008
Type: Photograph prints on paper

about the project

At one point during my sophomore year, my Drawing II professor asked us to document something interesting over a passage of time in an unusual way.

I chose to find a way to show the chaos of my life through my own eyes—I took a photo of my eyes every hour for an entire week, 7 rows, 24 columns—I guess my sophomore year sleeping habits weren‘t all that different from my senior year...

Interestingly enough, the project put together a larger perspective on my weekly schedule: you can see when I’m sleeping, or really tired at 4am, or in/between classes, or working in my room and just hanging out. The project turned out great, when printed it was about 13 feet long, and I got an A+.

Piece of cake.

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